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Closing this Friday, October 31st at 5pm. It's Halloween! Go have some fun!

What's New?

Whaaat? A Paleo/GF/Vegan/non GMO Cracker that actually tastes GREAT? Yes, we've got 'em. In Salt and Pepper, and Tuscan Flavor. Nothing but Almond Meal, Organic Flax, Organic Sesame, Organic seasonings and a few other organic things. You can't believe how good these are. For a cracker. Not just for a P/GF/V/nonGMO thingamajig. Really. Come by for a taste.

Zoe's Chocolates are back in and dressing up the place. Silky and creamy, they practically melt when you look at them: Hazelnut, Almond, Espresso swirl, Pretzel Bar(dark and milk) and Raw Bar(cacao nibs on dark chocolate). Beautiful simple packaging. Cannot keep them in! $8.50 to go around the world with delight.

Officially Ridiculous. Locally made Cabernet Wine Jelly(more like a demi-glace). wonderful as a finish on roasted meats, on goat cheese, drizzled on a dark chocolate flourless torte or vanilla gelato...We also have Raspberry Rose Jam, Blueberry Lavender, and other suprising combos from Gables Delight.

Taza Eggnogg Stoneground Chocolates are back for the season. We also have the new Taza bars in Peppermint Stick, Toffee-Almond-Sea Salt, Sea Salt Almond, and Cacao Nib.

new fresh rubs from The Spice Alliance. Green Chile Mango, Za'taar, Crab and Shrimp Spice and others.$6.75 each.
Now offering a gift box of 6 mix n match rubs plus a bonus packet of  freshly roasted and ground red chiles. $38

Rewined Candles fully stocked.  featuring  the seasonal Spiked Cider , and  classics Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Champagne

Fat Toad Goat's Milk Caramel from Vermont is back too!

New  flavors! Cold Brew Stumptown Coffee , and a Chocolate caramel featuring TAZA dark chocolate and cayenne pepper, plus our Salted Bourbon and Original.

Thousand Pound Egg, is a Culinary and Style Apothecary. It's is a cozy, quirky shop for cooks and people who love to eat and entertain. Presenting our picks of the best and unusual specialty groceries and pantry items -- Olive Oils, Vinegars, Salts, Confections, Jams, Honeys, Chocolates, biscuits, pickles, pasta and more. From around the globe or around the corner. As long as it's to our liking!
Offering an edited selection of new, nearly new and vintage Cookbooks, Food History Books, Gardening and Design books along with toys, tools and one of a kind trinkets for the home chef, playful cook or consummate host/hostess.

Keep an eye out for our Classes, Lectures, Tastings and Special Events. We can also host your private event.

We are growing! Think of us as an Incubator for Good Tastes and Great Style.

Come see our new pop-up boutique with a focus on local!

Beautiful locally made jewelery just in, 3 different designers. Leather and tassels and shimmering stones.  Golden bold blossoms and delicate twinklers.

Using our editorial eye, we are now showcasing a  constantly revolving collection of unique

jewelry, leather goods, vintage, new and recycled clothing,

hand-made cards, exclusive t-shirts, ceramics and more cool stuff.

(once a Neiman's girl, always a Neiman's girl)

Of course we will still have our culinary treats, tools, and one-of-a-kind finds

that made you love us--but you will love us even more now!

Egg News!

  The Egg will be featured in TRAVEL+LEISURE December 2014 issue!  Things are looking good for the Egg.

Did you see us on Channel 7WSVN  Deco Drive/Style File in September?  If you missed it,  you can go to this link . By the way, are you subscribed to our newsletter?

TastingTable.com loves us again! We got National props along with the Big Boys! Thanks for keeping us and the buzz going.  The article did say "miami" but as most of you know, we are in Fort Lauderdale. We'll drive anywhere for good food and uniqueness so no matter. Here is the article:

"The Kitchen and Housewares Shops You Want to Live in"

Check out the special feature on The Egg in Tasting Table

we got some great press from New Times! Check it out! Click right there!

New  in the pantry and on the shelves -

Rewined Candles Inspired by your favorite wine varietals and poured into recycled wine bottles. These babies burn a good 60 hours and are beautifully balanced. Spiced Cider, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Riesling.

Thyme Honey from Spain. Bees love on the flowering Thyme plants and then the pollen and honey is scented with subtle flavor of the herb. Lovely.

Black Truffle Dijon Mustard and Plain old(but not boring) Dijon Mustard. From France. By our same importer as the Cherry Jam below... Magnifique!

French Cherry Jam from the Basque Region. Deep , dark, and tart. Tiny whole cherries make your mouth sing. This is a very special product. Whether on roasted meats,  ice cream, pastries, yogurt-it brings things to another level of goodness!

Rochelois Jams  Local and Organic,this Family owned and operated jam company are DIY's from the growing, to the picking, to the preserving. They focus on tropical varietals like Starfruit, Mango, Passion Fruit , Rose, Tamarind, Jackfruit, Guanabana, Hibiscus, Jalapeno, Calmondin, and also do some nice combos like Mango Passion, Guava Habanero, Fiery Tamarind...If they don't grow it, they get if from one of three Organic farms located in the Redlands area of south Miami(where they too are based).

Laurie's Pantry Granolas   Local and delicious. Always fresh and not too sweet!  Bring back the empty jar from any of Lauries Granolas and get a .50 rebate. Old skool. New flavors.

Lavender and Honey Butter Biscuits from the UK. Sublte, with that great shortbread fine crumb...Great with the cherry jam.

We are located on the outskirts of the Gateway Shopping Center:

908 NE 20th Avenue, in Victoria Park.
Fort Lauderdale Fl 33304 


 East side of Gateway, and then across the street on the east side of 20th. Look for a taupey one level triplex with a chipper green racing stripe up top and a yellow framed glass door. We are in the middle shop.