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Per your suggestions, we have a few new organic/GF/non-GMO and Vegan treats and ingredients
(but only b/c they are really tasty)

Hey Everyone!

We have our TURN LANE OPEN again onto ne 20th avenue since Friday the 4th of April.

Come celebrate with us and all the other awesome Gateway shops and businesses! Thanks for your involvement! It matters!

All books on sale 25% off OUR PRICE on newer titles and most other older titles are BOGO(of equal or lesser value)

NEW HOURS  ------------------->

Thousand Pound Egg, is a Culinary Apothecary. It's is a cozy, quirky shop for cooks and people who love to eat and entertain. Offering an edited selection of new, nearly new and vintage Cookbooks, Food History Books, Gardening and Design books along with toys, tools and one of a kind trinkets for the home chef or playful cook.

Also presenting our picks of the best and unusual specialty groceries and pantry items -- Olive Oils, Vinegars, Salts, Confections, Jams, Honeys, Chocolates, biscuits, pickles, pasta and more. From around the globe or around the corner. As long as it's to our liking!

Keep an eye out for our Classes, Lectures, Tastings and Special Events. We can also host your private event.

Egg News!

TastingTable.com loves us again! We got National props along with the Big Boys! Thanks for keeping us and the buzz going.  The article did say "miami" but as most of you know, we are in Fort Lauderdale. We'll drive anywhere for good food and uniqueness so no matter. Here is the article:

"The Kitchen and Housewares Shops You Want to Live in"

New shipments coming in daily. You never know what you will find.

  • Check out the special feature on The Egg in Tasting Table
  • Our Rozendal Botanical Vinegars are featured in Fort Lauderdale Magazine/Think Magazine and just got nominated for a SOFI award(the Oscar of the food world)
  • Complimentary gift bag/boxing
  • We make gift baskets. Let us know what you want and what you want to spend and we will make it happen.

New in the pantry and on the shelves -

Tasty Bits:  Krave Jerky ,Baconnaise & Bacon Salt are back! New shipment of Queen City Salted Rosemary and Dark Chocolate Chipotle shortbreads. FRESH!

Newly Arrived:  Rochelois Jams(organic, local, tropical, seasonal) Dutch Caramel Wafer Cookies, Gluten Free Chocolate cookie snack packs, Moravian Ginger Cookies,87% Dark Chocolate Organic Stoneground bars from Taza, Raspberry and Nib Stoneground organic 70% Dark Bars, Taza 70% dark stoneground organic baking chunks, Organic, non GMO and gluten free Muesli, Rewined wine inspired Candles in Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanck, Lemon Scone Mix, Organic Candied Ginger, Dilled Brussels Sprouts(wicked in a bloody mary),

INNA Jam seasonal jams-  Flavor King Pluot, , Tayberry(one berry-two flavors-a bit of blackberry and a tinge of raspberry!) Pomerine(crossbred fruit of Pomelo and Tangerine),, Triple Crown Blackberry,  Jalapeno, Yellow Hungarian Pepper and don't forget your Polka Raspberry fix. Superstar of Jams. Fresno Chili is sold out for the season due to extra rainy weather in Northern California but we have a good sub with our local Rochelois Peppy Jalapeno-also organic.

It's local !

Spice Rubs from The Spice Alliance. These flavor- packed rubs go great with meat , vegetables, seafood, shellfish, and more! We love to grill with them by making a spice paste with our portuguese olive oil. But there is also alot of pan-searing going on too. Try the Morroccan, the 17 Spice, Cape Cod Lime, Costa Rican Coffee, Lone Star Roast and Rib rub., Mediterranean Sumac rub... There are more and they are all great.  All roasted and ground to order by Local Laurie Lalone.

Muesli from Super Start your LIfe Organic, non GMO, gluten free, no added sugar. All three varieties contain super nutrients like goji berries, dark chocolate, tart cherries, coconut and more This beautiful couple from Miami has it going on!

Rochelois Jams  Local and Organic,this Family owned and operated jam company are DIY's from the growing, to the picking, to the preserving. They focus on tropical varietals like Starfruit, Mango, Passion Fruit , Rose, Tamarind, Jackfruit, Guanabana, Hibiscus, Jalapeno, Calmondin, and also do some nice combos like Mango Passion, Guava Habanero, Fiery Tamarind...If they don't grow it, they get if from one of three Organic farms located in the Redlands area of south Miami(where they too are based).

Pascale's Confiture's Artisanales 
French, through and through, made by the charming Pascale (mais oui, she is French), using organic produce and just the right amount of organic sugar, lemon juice and whatever else is called for.  No pectins. Lots of body. Great new label and jar! Tres cute!

Laurie's Pantry Granolas   Local and delicious. Always fresh and not too sweet!  Bring back the empty jar from any of Lauries Granolas and get a .50 rebate. Old skool.

Sea Bees Local Raw Honey-Lauderdale by the Sea! Floral and suprisingly delicate for a raw honey.--limited availibility due to small number of hives, but when we have it, woo hoo!

We are located on the outskirts of the Gateway Shopping Center:

908 NE 20th Avenue, in Victoria Park.
Fort Lauderdale Fl 33304 


 East side of Gateway, and then across the street on the east side of 20th. Look for a taupey one level triplex with a chipper green racing stripe up top and a yellow framed glass door. We are in the middle shop.